Practiscore resources

In this is a video I go through the initial match setup for an IPRF match

Here I go through the setup for the registration page and squadding schedule

Finally we go through how to setup your match on the day of the shoot.

A few important notes:
1) When in “Import/Export” and you select “Get Match Registration” do not select the box “Import resignation into current match

2) Note that when you imported all the registered shooters into the match you will not need to manually add them in after. That is just for reference on how to do it if someone has not registered on Practiscore.

Reloading resources

Erik Cortina

F-Class and PRS shooter Erik Cortina

Erik Cortina is one of the  top F-Class shooters in the US, and has had tremendous success at National and World F-Class Championships. Erik is Texas State Long Range Champion 3 years in a row and has also won a bronze medal in the World Championships. He also placed 3rd in F-Class Nationals. Recently, Erik also began shooting competitively in PRS in 2018, and won his first match at the SoTex club match on July 23. Erik also has his own  his own YouTube Channel with informative videos on shooting and reloading.

We as humans have a tendency to complicate things, and reloading is no different. For some reason, we think that the more complicated it is, the better the end product will be. It doesn’t have to be that way, today I explain the three different things that must be in check to ensure you have a consistent and efficient load. Once you get these three things corrected, you’ll always have a good load.

When I did my video telling you all that chasing the lands is stupid, I talked about finding jam on your barrel. A lot of you didn’t understand how to do it, so I decided to do a video on how that is done.

As promised. The video hit 5,000 likes, so here is the F/L sizing video. I have been asked to make this video for a long time, and thanks to my Patreon supporters, here it is! You can do this by trial and error, or you can do it precisely using measuring tools and verifying that the shoulder bump is not excessive. In this video, I show you how I do it. Support me in Patreon:

Sam Millard

Panhandle Precision

Sam Millard is one of the testers for the 338 defensive Edge +P. He is a well skilled shooter with a wealth of Knowledge in reloading as well as load selection

This video covers the process we use to reload for our precision rifles, from start to finish. For more info on the process and the tools I use, check out these articles and videos:

This reloading how-to video is a supplement to previous bullet seating videos found on the Panhandle Precision YouTube channel. This video focuses on how to measure max Cartridge Base to Ogive dimensions with accuracy and consistency, using the Hornady Lock ‘n Load OAL gauge and modified case.

This reloading video is the first in a series of videos that cover how I approach load development for long range precision rifles. The first step in my load development for any new barrel is to define what I want out of it, and prep an appropriate amount of new brass for the project. The project I’ll be using as an example is my new competition rifle chambered in 260 Remington. I built this rifle for competing in PRS-type matches, so it needs to be accurate, consistent, and reliable. Load development for it will focus on those requirements. This video covers topics such as weight-sorting brass, inspecting for flaws, expanding necks, and checking for excessive neck thickness variation. For more reloading info, be sure to visit Panhandle Precision’s Reloading section:

Long Range Only

A website/forum dedicated to long range shooting.

In this video, editor Jose Gardner tests the Hornady Lock-n-Load Ammo Plant for its use in precision rifle reloading. He not only tests the press for data such as loading speed, seating depth, muzzle velocity of ammo, and group size, he actually compares the data against a traditional single stage press for reference. Follow this link to discuss this review and ask the editor questions.…