Annie Annealer with Watercooling


Introducing the Annie Induction Annealer!

This heater was specifically designed to anneal brass rifle cartridges in preparation for reloading. With over 1200W of induction heating capacity, most cartridges will anneal in about 3 seconds.


The integrated digital timer is precise to 0.1seconds.  This is important because the the speed of the Annie anneal cycle is very fast, and tenths of a second can make a huge difference.

With conventional flame methods, it’s easy to ruin the cartridge by over- or under-heating.  With a torch, it’s practically impossible to know when you’ve done it just right.  The Annie applies exactly the same energy–the same heat–every. single. time.

Stop the guesswork with your torches. Anneal with confidence!


This product includes:

Annie induction annealing unit

Watercooling fan

Watercooling coil

Delivery in South Africa

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Terms and Conditions

*Delivery Leadtime 6-8 Weeks (3-4 week Manufaturing)+(3-4 Weeks Shipping) *Rand – Dollar exchange rate will be confirmed on date of order
*50% Deposit to confirm order
*Outstanding 50% Payment on the day the Annie is shipped to your Adress *Prices is based on current Rand – Dollar

*Tracking Number will be supplied to customer as soon as Annie is Shipped From USA *All warranty claims will be handled in RSA


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